Dream Archive 29: Cartels

A movie about drug cartels starring Dennis Quaid and Luis Guzman. People were after a big cache of money, but it turned out the drug lords were faking the whole thing in order to draw people in and capture them.


Dream Archive 28: Installation

An unspecified member of The Cure made a public art installation that was basically a huge green bell hanging from a tree. If you went up inside the bell there were posters and things plastered to the walls.


Dream Archive 27: Work-Study

I was in Ireland on a work-study program. I worked in a cool coffee shop. The owner was very nice. There were more employees than he needed, but he kept all of us on even though we screwed around a…


Dream Archive 26: Fox Pack

Worked as a process server in rural America. Stayed at a house in the desert where a fox was sleeping under a bed. He had found a scout pack filled with useful things. I went through it and tried to…


Dream Archive 25: Amateur Starter

I was a starter for classic cars, meaning that I was one of the only people who knew how to start them when they needed to be moved from display to storage or wherever. But I didn’t have that much…


Dream Archive 24: Célèbre

A man came into the bookstore where I was hanging out. For whatever reason I was over by the Language section. He pointed to a book called FAMOUS and insistently tapped it with his finger while saying something in French…


Dream Archive 23: Two Brothers

Long lost sister and twin brothers who are soldiers. They’re knot experts. They wrap themselves in sheets of fabric and do complicated jumps and flips to tie the knots. They activate things on the walls to make us move around…


TFS report

Turner McTilliardandind 
General Manager 


As stockholders in TheFarStairs, LLC, Inc., you will be pleased to know that this quarter's report is a very positive one. In fact, I would venture to say that it's…


Dream Archive 22: Aquatic Megapede

I haven't had a dream worth writing down in more than a year, apparently. But this one seems important: 

Was at a party at my childhood home. Had a fight with my family. We all took the train downtown. We…