Dream Archive 39: What It's Like 

It's like an enormous model train setup, a huge diorama stretching hundreds of yards in all directions except to the west where it meets a concrete wall. Tiny cars move down the streets, but everything else is eerily quiet.

Dream Archive 38: Summer Pumpkin 

There was a comedy thing, and we were working to save it. It was like being in a newsroom, but everyone was writing jokes. Amanda and I traveled to some kind of conference together, possible in Scotland or Ireland. She was upset and confused about how she was feeling. We traveled back to her house in the city. I met her husband. He wanted to do curls with me. I said okay, and he showed me a set of weights with complicated settings and attachments.  

Then we all went to a wedding at a nearby resort. It was like being in Mexico or another tropical country. Batman was there, and he was SO TALL. We walked for a bit, and I saw Bob. I hadn’t seen him in years. I asked how he was doing. He said he was still in school. I asked if he was still playing music, and he said, “Summer Pumpkin still plays sometimes.” This was apparently a band he was in with other people I knew. I told him, “I still listened to your solo albums from time to time.” (not true) “They’re really good.” (true) He didn’t say anything. As with a lot of people I’ve known in real life, I don’t think Bob likes me very much. Summer Pumpkin is objectively a great band name, though.  

To get to the wedding ceremony, we had to walk down about a mile through what looked like a subway station. There were ads in plexiglass frames all over the walls. What did humans dream about before we were constantly drowning in information? It must have been something simpler.  

Now I have to get up and live my “real” life, pretend that the days when life meant something aren’t far, far behind me. It was a relatively brief time in the grand scheme of things, and now it’s vanishing into the mists of the distant past. I feel like the last few Leghk huddled together in the Halls of Memory, knowing the the Uhl will soon take them like it’s taken the rest of their kind. The Uhl wants all of us. Does anyone out there understand this reference?? DOES ANYONE OUT THERE FEEL THIS WAY?!?

Dream Archive 37: Finally, a David Lynch Dream 

Hangin' out with David Lynch on a trip. He went off to go skiing or biking or hiking with his wife. I was trying to learn the guitar solo from Weezer’s “Buddy Holly” because there was a mobile recording studio there and everyone expected me to play it. But I couldn’t remember it, and I couldn’t find a recording of it or a video anywhere online. When Lynch came back we made a joke about how our friend was napping underneath some clothes. He seemed to think it was funny. I asked him if he liked Weezer. He said, “Yes, those female harmonies are something else.” I couldn’t think of a Weezer song with female harmonies, but I didn’t want to correct him.

Dream Archive 36: Chicago Goons 

Direct quote: “How does this sound: Chicago goons, trying to get paid ahead of schedule, broke into his room and accidentally released a swarm of bees.” The bees were already responsible for several deaths.

Dream Archive 35: The Fox Conspiracy 

We were in some kind of enormous complex that was possibly a city, and we were probably in the basement of the house on Long Avenue. There was a little animal like a fox or a dog that was helping us unravel some sort of conspiracy or history of something. Eric and I were wandering the streets and stairways for work. Not sure what we were doing exactly. One of our coworkers said he was moving to San Francisco, and I had the thing I always have in dreams where I long to live in California. Going to the beach seems like the most intensely meaningful experience in the world, although if I actually did it I probably wouldn’t appreciate it. Maybe when I die my spirit will go to the coast and it will be like when I was a kid again. The layers and layers of fear and self-hatred and humiliation will fall away until I can see things the way I used to.