Dream Archive 15: Scavenger Hunt

In some kind of endless gallery / museum / indoor city, there were families with strange animals. There was a type of small dog called something like a "Beltr" that looked exactly like a hand puppet made of corduroy and felt, but it was alive. It had a naturally-occurring South American rug pattern in its fur. A lot of the other animals had similar patterns on them. Many of them were sheep. Outside, there were two huge round men as big as cars that were wearing sheep costumes made of felt. They rolled back and forth on each other and made terrifying faces for money. Inside, crowds of people drifted here and there. A man carrying a small child on his shoulders sold me a tambourine the size of a penny for twenty-six cents. I had to ask my grandmother for money. I couldn't find her, but I found what I thought might be her purse. I was digging through it, and it turned out to be someone else's. There was a piece of paper in there with instructions for a scavenger hunt. There was a note written on the paper saying they had found it pinned above a urinal. As I was going through the purse on a table, people dressed in strange combinations of dirty rags and fancy Soviet-looking uniforms started coming up and asking me for change. Some of them wanted a handout, but some of them wanted to me to make change for them. One man in a bright red coat with gold tassels on the shoulders held one hand inside his coat and gestured at me to put the money in that hand secretly, as though I was reaching inside his coat for some other reason. Apparently, the authorities didn't approve of begging or making change for people.

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