Dream Archive 17: Charles Something

In a distorted version of the house on Long Avenue, my dad kept calling and asking if I was going to fly to Japan with my step-family. The flight was at 2AM that night. My mom kept asking if I was going to drive to the airport and pick up some other people who were flying in at 2AM. Someone was messing with my electric train, making the tracks longer and more complicated. I knew the name of the person who was doing it. I was pretty sure it was my brother's friend, who was hiding out in the shower. I got a couple of girls to pull him out, and asked if the name I had was actually his real name. Instead of answering, he began to fly into the sky, getting smaller and smaller like a kite. I went down to where Spencer and some other guys were flying their model planes to see if they could help me get him back on the ground. They were being too crazy, though, making the planes dive-bomb each other and stuff. I told Katy not to go out there. A bunch of other people were trying to convince me to fly to Japan. I told them I didn't have the money.

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