Dream Archive 3: Washington Monument

Visited the Washington Monument. It was apparently hollow and made of thin, very hard plastic about half an inch thick, with a grid of tiny holes in it. There was a door on each face. Inside, four stairways went down into a shallow rotunda. You could look up the whole length of the monument. More stairs spiraled up, allowing you to climb to the top. At the top, you went outside onto a huge rocky slab set at a forty-five degree angle. You had to scramble up the rocks in order to get to the very top. The very top was above the clouds. You could gaze down at the ground, which was apparently several miles below. A great ocean filled the horizon, and massive tsunami waves crashed over the monument at regular intervals. If you flattened yourself onto the ground, you could avoid getting swept away by them. Everyone was afraid of the waves, but they went to the top anyway to see the view. The stairs on the inside of the monument were littered with old junk and machine parts from the early days of the United States. The parts seemed to be complex, but were made of stone and wood.

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