Dream Archive 43: The House Across the Valley

I was trying to complete some kind of graduate program. I was getting help from a woman who lived in the area. In return for her help, she asked me to find her daughter who had disappeared recently. I was researching the case on a microfiche projector but getting nowhere. I went to visit the woman at her house across the valley. 

As I started to walk, I suddenly achieved full lucid dreaming. I felt as though I was wide awake and in complete control of my body. I thought to myself, “I finally did it!!” even though I have heretofore made no effort to achieve lucid dreaming. Maybe that’s why it only lasted for 30 seconds. But during that time I was able to fly across the valley to the woman’s house at the top of an old logging road.  

Of course the house was a mansion. All houses in dreams have to be mansions. The family was having a meeting or a briefing in their living room using an old style overhead projector complete with transparencies and everything. Do kids today even know what overhead projectors and transparencies are? I’m guessing they do given the state of funding for public education in this country. Schools are probably still using equipment they bought in the 1970s.  

I assume the family was meeting about the effort to find their missing daughter. As I walked out of the living room, I met the girl’s grandmother. She was lying flat on her back in the middle of the hallway. Her eyes were milky white, and she was clearly blind. She spoke to me and told me three things about myself, all of which were true. The girl’s father told me that the grandmother had the second sight and knew everything there was to know. “She always speaks the truth,” he said.  

I knelt down, looking into her blank eyes. The pupils were constricted, and the irises radiated fine grey and white lines. They looked like painted marbles. I asked her, “Where is your missing granddaughter?” She seemed to be looking directly at me even though there was nothing in her eyes. She gave me the answer to my question, but I don’t remember what it was.

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