Dream Archive 6: Special Collections

Three nights ago: 

Adam and I were sneaking around in part of a museum which was supposed to be closed to the public. We came to the Special Collections area. Adam wanted to see a particular book they had there. It was a piece of propaganda written by an old Middle Eastern general who declared himself king of a certain country. The book was very small, only a little larger than a matchbook. We had to turn the pages with a little pencil they gave us. The book got larger as we read it. We discovered that the museum had inserted notes to the reader between the book's pages. One of the notes was printed on a greeting card. When we were done looking at the book, the woman behind the counter said, "Now I'm going to play you a song. It's by the Velvet Underground." She started the song, which was the same one that had been in my head all day (in the dream), and then began to recite the names of the songwriters, musicians, and everyone involved in the song's production. She also gave very specific details about the time and place it was recorded. 

Then Adam and I went to Philadelphia. It was very beautiful. I kept pointing out locations where they had filmed It's Always Sunny. We ended up at a show where some famous guy was playing his music live. He had apparently done the soundtrack to a popular video game. He was playing film clips on a screen during his performance. He got really involved in projecting the film clips, so I had to take over playing the music, which I knew for some reason. 

Two nights ago: 

We were playing some kind of festival. It took place on a hill by a river. We had a horn section. Erich and I were hanging out with the horn section on a concrete platform set into the side of the hill. There were low concrete walls surrounding it. We were looking down the hill towards the river. We saw Adam talking to some rather young-looking girls. We all fell asleep, and when we woke up, the sky had darkened and everyone was gone.  

Last night: 

We were on tour. We stopped at some kind of punk commune in a trailer park. I was drinking two beers at once. I walked towards a gas station and saw a cop car pulling in. I quickly put the beers down and kept walking. The cops got out and came towards me. I thought for sure they were going to arrest me for drinking in public. Instead, they walked past me to where Adam was standing. The female cop told him to get on the ground. Adam said no. I tried to signal him to do as she said, but it was too late. She took out her taser and tased him for about ten seconds. He doubled over. She turned around and started walking towards me. I looked at Adam and saw a "fuck you" look come into his eyes. He stood up and said, "Not enough. Need more." The cop turned and looked at him. He said, "Need more electricity." I thought he was just taunting her, but apparently when you've been electrocuted as many times as he has, you gain special powers. He collected a cloud of energy Dragonball-Z-style and set all the cars and the gas station on fire.

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