Dream Archive 7: Death Mask

Tom and I were planning to remake a film called Death Mask. I don't know what it was about. It could have been one of the following (taken from IMDb): 

Death Mask (1998) Wilbur works in an old carnival and shows some gruesome things to the puplic. He covered his face because he had a sadistic father who burned his face. Everybody makes jokes about his scars and when the new boss fired him, he go to an old swamp-witch who gives him a peace of wood from a hanging tree and Wilbur makes a mask from this piece of wood and put all his anger in this mask. When he puts the mask on, everybody who looks on this mask commits suicide. He has created the Death-Mask. 

Death Mask (1984) Haunted by the drowning death of his own daughter, a police investigator embarks on an obsessive 10-year hunt for the identity of a dead boy, to the detriment of his family life. 

Halloween Night AKA Death Mask (1988) A kindly old grandfather is actually the leader of a murderous satanic cult which sacrifices its victims on Halloween. 

The Death Mask (1914) A silent film starring Sessue Hayakawa. No plot summary available.

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