Dream Archive 40: Jelly Beans

We were coming home from a trip and dropping people off. We were in a large truck, almost like a boat or maybe a carrier for a parade float. We stopped at a large red brick building that looked to have 50 rooms or more. It was like a dorm but was apparently a co-op house where Duncan lived. I tried to ask him about it, but his accent was getting more and more foreign. I looked at the street signs and tried to memorize them, but I quickly forgot.  

We went back to our house. My dad was very worried because he had forgotten to sweep up some broken glass and there had been people coming to look at the house while we were away. We went in and talked to a guy who seemed like a detective but was actually an insurance adjuster(?). I asked Kimmy Schmidt if she remembered where the big red house was. She smiled and held up one finger, then went to her bedroom and came back with a bag of extra-large jelly beans. I was happy to have jelly beans, but I still wanted to know where that house was. I wanted to live there someday. 

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