Dream Archive 53: The Common Wood Louse

We were in a barren place of shifting sands. Vehicles of various sizes kept appearing near us. Some of them had recently broken down. Some of them were sand-swallowed husks that had been there for decades. A friend of mine kept saying, “SIRI, stop crashing cars.” Was he implying that an artificial intelligence was causing these wrecks to appear? 

We took shelter in an old resort hotel. There were small things on the walls like miniature tumbleweeds. They looked like they might be seed-pods from trees or something. They weren’t any larger than a billiard ball. My friend called them “wood louses” or something similar, even though they didn’t look like insects. He said he couldn’t stay there, and he kept gesturing at the car seat he was carrying, implying that he had young children who would be in danger from these things. I hadn’t thought of them as dangerous, but as soon as I did they began to multiply. Soon they were in every room, attaching themselves to my clothes as I walked around. 

I ran out into the desert, where the wind caused ripples in the sand that moved like waves. I couldn’t escape the wood louses. One of them made its way onto my shoulder near the base of my neck and bit me. It wasn't a wood louse, it was THAT GODDAMN FUCKING HOMICIDAL INSECT. I awoke suddenly and leaped out of bed with my neck muscle vibrating. This is the response I always have. 

I can’t help but wonder: Are these dream worlds actually the real world? Are they using insects to inject us with some kind of substance that hypnotizes us into thinking this “waking world” is real? What’s all this about artificial intelligence? Is it a Matrix situation? My ear canals are itching like crazy. Is it because of the ear plugs I’m wearing, or is this a side-effect?

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